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I received a call recently about a computer that was running very slow.  They had a very well known brand computer, a 2 year warranty, got it for a great price.  Just under 3 months after the purchase, they had some major issues. 

"I went to turn on the computer and it was extremely slow and unresponsive", says David who thought he had lost faith in the computer manufacture and the retail store he purchased it at.  "I was on the phone with [tech support] for hours, and they just couldn't help.  I was told to buy AntiVirus software."  David did just that at his local computer retail store.  However when he installed the software, he realized the software wasn't working and the computer was getting even slower after installing the software.  David didn't know what to do, couldn't return the computer or software and was out of options.

I recommended an option for David with much success for previous clients.  I told him for any slow PC to use is a website that allows users to download system diagnostic tool which is used to scan, clean and correct errors in a systems registry. It is more than just a registry cleaner and can really increase the performance of a computer.  I advised David to use the software as it is 100% adware and spyware free.  It is a great peice of software that can really improve performance while decreasing errors and crashes. 

I caught up with David a few days after his download and all he could say was great things about the performance of his computer.  "It was like I just purchased a brand new computer!" 

I recommend for anyone who has a slow PC or experiencing crashes or errors.