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Buyer Beware - Circuit City

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Circuit City Stores are again a top store in the news.  The company who has been scamming customers with fake liquidation pricing, also are stooping to a new low: No returns on defective items. 

I can understand that there are no returns.  I can also understand no returns on perfectly good product.  However what gives any company the right to refuse returning an item that was broken or defective at the store??? 

The article below explains it all. 


Microsoft will be providing serveral online training programs such as "How to use the internet" and "Windows XP Professional". 

These programs are to help Americans receive the technical skills in order to receive an IT job. 

The questions is now, are IT companies willing to employee these so called professionals once they pass the online trainings?

Sony Cybershot Deal

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Best Buy is offering a really nice deal on the Sony Cybershot DSC-W120.  It's 7.2 Megapixels and has a great shot for under $200. 

$20 price drop: Sony DSC-W120 Cyber-shot 7.2MP digital camera at BestBuy.com

Circuit City Stores have been liquidating since January. Since then, discounts haven't been better than any "still in business" retailer.

A recent shop at the Deptford, NJ store found portable DVD players at 30% off, select TVs at 30-40% off, and furniture, yes, their peg hooks and stands selling at 20% off.  Are these even good deals? 

The best dead, the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One printer for $75.  Average price online: $120.

However for most, the pricing was just 3-5% better than online. Are you willing to buy at a store that won't be there for you anymore just to save 5%?

They are selling though, very few products remain, most just open box and shelf displays.

pioneer-plasma-tv-kuro-pdp-5080-xd.jpgPioneer Electronics has recently released statements that their Kuro plasma TVs will be discontinued as of March 2010. 

LCD TV's are dominating the market with it's truer picture and better contrast, even though they cost more than a plasma (usually 15-20% more).  Pioner says their plasma tv market was approx. 14% of the business. They will now focus more on car and home audio components.  Maybe we can get a decked out navigation system with full internet access so we can twitter as we drive?

Okay,so with this news, consumers may be wondering "Are plasma tv's done"?  The answer is simple.  No.  There are still big business, with LG, Panasonic and Samsung all in the game.  Costs are still cheaper, and consumers just aren't going to spend $500 more for the same 50 inch TV, just because the LCD is brighter. 

What's my opinion?  Plasma is still a great TV, the picture is amazing.  If you are looking for a tv that isn't going to have much light around when watching a show or movie, then I'd rather save the $500 difference, stick with plasma and get that navigation system that can let others know I'm twittering while driving. 

What do you think? 


Your Tivo system (if you have one)is a great way to record season passes of shows and movies, while also being able to rewind, skip through commercials (or the boring scenes) and thousands of other cool features.  However the coolest feature very few people know is that is can be your total Entertainment Media Center as well!  Tivo can be your Music and Photo library as well.

From the Tivo Central (press the tivo icon on your remote) go to the Music, Photos and Showcases link.  From there choose Photos & Slideshows.  You have the options to link from your photobucket or Picasa web accounts (I recommend either of these two accounts as they provide the best way to share your photos).  If you are a music fan, choose Music Videos from Music Choice link.  You can search for a video, browse by genre and watch the just added videos. 

Try it for yourself! 

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