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Conficker C - A new 'Anti-Fools' Virus... BEWARE
Posting by John Scafide on March 25, 2009 6:32 PM under News

It's coming this April 1st.  No, it's no joke!  It's called the Conficker C Virus.  A very in-depth and complicated virus that has been infecting computers since late 2008. 

Microsoft released a $250,000 USD bounty for anyone who knows the head in charge for this virus. 

What does this major infection actually do?  Well, at the moment, researchers and engineers aren't exactly aware, but what they do know is that the ticking of this infection will stop on April 1st, and will do anything it wants from there.  This means if you are currently infected, don't remove it or quarantine it by that date, the virus can do anything it wants; ie. wipe out your hard drive, read passwords or personal information saved, or just create a monstrosity of popups, ugh!

There's more about this virus, and to make things simple, I won't go too far into it here.  I can't stress the importance of a good anti-virus/spyware program, and keeping it updated at ALL time.  Ensure your Windows Update is on automatic as well just in case there is an update, it can do its thing quickly without you having to be there.

Lastly, keep checking here for continuous updates on this virus in the coming days and weeks. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at anytime. 

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