My name is John Scafide, Founder of TechSmart Living.  I've been working with technology and retail sales and have a combined experience of over 15 years.  Read More

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John ScafideHello, I'm John Scafide, founder of TechSmart Living. I have been working with technology for over 15 years.  With experience in all things computers, consumer electronics, professional IT equipment, I want to share all my insights to everyone who has ever needed help. 

I live in a little town in Woodbury Heights, NJ where I assist the community in getting techie.  

In 2000 I became the technology coordinator for my local high school, beginning my life as a technology consultant.  In 2002 I worked in a Big Box retailer, the number one consumer electronics giant, Best Buy.  For the next six years, I would become a guru in the retail world with management experience and a professional background in business to business (B2B) sales and consulting. 

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