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Buyer Beware - Circuit City

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Circuit City Stores are again a top store in the news.  The company who has been scamming customers with fake liquidation pricing, also are stooping to a new low: No returns on defective items. 

I can understand that there are no returns.  I can also understand no returns on perfectly good product.  However what gives any company the right to refuse returning an item that was broken or defective at the store??? 

The article below explains it all.

Circuit City Stores have been liquidating since January. Since then, discounts haven't been better than any "still in business" retailer.

A recent shop at the Deptford, NJ store found portable DVD players at 30% off, select TVs at 30-40% off, and furniture, yes, their peg hooks and stands selling at 20% off.  Are these even good deals? 

The best dead, the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One printer for $75.  Average price online: $120.

However for most, the pricing was just 3-5% better than online. Are you willing to buy at a store that won't be there for you anymore just to save 5%?

They are selling though, very few products remain, most just open box and shelf displays.

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