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Worried about falling?

Wondering if there's something better

than traditional life line services? 


Comapre traditional and new options here.

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Tired of cooking or can't cook? Can't get out to get groceries? Worried about fires on the stove? Go here to rediscover good times for eating well.

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Get the inside scoop from expert audiologist Lori Cunningham. Take the hearing quiz, learn how to find a good hearing professional, discover what new hearing aids can do and cost, and learn about other useful, lower cost devices to help with hearing.

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An evolving suite of options to help manage your medications - reminders, reorders, tracking.  

If you care for someone who is wandering or you are at risk of wandering, learn new ways to reclaim your freedom and peace of mind!

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Discover new ways to manage your  home and online safety and security.  Learn what to watch out for in this changing, online world. 

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Want to stay social? Keep your mind active? Be active?  Reduce stress? Explore tech enabled ways to manage your health and wellness here.

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Explore new and emerging technologies that meet multiple needs and/or don't yet fit a solution category.

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