8 Fun & Useful AgeSmart Gifts

New Tech to help with Med Reminders, Burn Free Cooking, Wandering, Staying Warm and Calling for Help When You Can't Get to a Phone.


Google Home Mini Speaker,

Google Assistant Inside

Price: $80cdn, $50us

For med reminders, SOS and more. Give your loved one a 24x7 digital assistant by placing a few Google Home Mini speakers around the home. They can then use voice commands to ask Google to give them med reminders, set a cooking timer, add to shopping and to-do lists, or call family and friends if they need help and can't reach a phone (but NOT 911).

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SmartHome Speakers 


Amazon Echo Dot Speaker, 

Alexa Inside

Price: $70cdn, $50us

For med reminders, SOS and more. Place a few Echo Dot speakers around the home and your loved one has a 24x7 digital assistant. With simple voice commands, they can ask Alexa to call family or friends for help, add to shopping lists, set med reminders, set cooking timers and more. 


Add an Echo connect to call 911 or answer calls through the Echo speaker. 

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SmartHome Speakers 


Amazon Echo Connect

Enable 911 calls

Not yet supported for Canada

Cost:  $35US

For emergency response services. Turn the Echo into a hands-free speaker for the home phone line so your loved one can Call 911 when they can't get to a phone.  It also makes it possible to accept calls through the Echo. 

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SmartHome Speakers 


Under Armour Infrared Nano Tech Clothing to Stay Warm!

Cost:  $40-$200+ Cdn

Cost:  $35-$200+ US

For someone who feels the cold winter chill, get the ColdGear Infrared athletic wear, gloves, fleece and jackets with Far Infrared (FIR) nano tech particles.  They reflect your own body heat to help you stay warm!  Some people wear the leggings and shirts under loose fitting clothes.  

To find the infrared products, go to the Under Armour website for your country and enter "ColdGear Infrared" in the site search bar.


Cost:  $199 US 

Two Beacon Apartment Starter Kit

Just announced!  Aura uses radio frequency managed through a smartphone app to detect lack of motion for falls and other risksNo cameras! No lost privacy! No monthly service fees!


The technology also works as an intruder alert system.

The 2 beacon starter kit covers most 700 square foot condos.  Add ~$100us per additional beacon.

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Plug the sensors (beacons) into your wall sockets, complete app set-up, start monitoring. 


The Apple Watch Series 3

For Wandering, SOS and More

Cost:  $388 US, $519 CDN

Starting price.

Service plan add on fee of $10-15

One time set up fees may apply

Check with mobile service provider for financing options

For wandering, emergency response, med reminders and more. This device does it all, offering a safety net both inside and outside the home.  Anyone wearing the Series 3 GPS+Cellular model can call 911 from the watch from just about anywhere - the shower, the kitchen, or the park down the street. No need to carry a phone! And if at risk for wandering, one can be found by tracking the location of the watch through apple apps. The "Find My Friends" app will even send alerts when moving outside specified zones.

*Most carriers offer mobile service for the watch as an add-on to an iPhone  mobile service plan. Don't have an iPhone? Some carriers, like AT&T in the U.S., offer a standalone service plan for the Series 3 GPS + Cellular model.


Induction Stoves for a Burn Free Kitchen

Cost:  $70-$200+ Hot Plate

Cost: $1500-$3000+ CookTop, Range

Worried about burning food or melting plastic on the stove? Get a new induction stove - freestanding hotplate, cook top or range. Elements heat through magnetic waves.  No hot burner! Can't burn paper or melt plastic. Automatically turns off when food starts to burn. 

Explore Amazon, Home Depot and the popular appliance store where you live to see the many options available.


The GearBeast SmartPhone Lanyard 

Cost:  $13cdn, $10us

For med reminders, cooking timers, and being found if lost or wandering. Turn a SmartPhone into a cool wearable for someone who doesn't have pockets for their phone but does want to keep the phone close to call for help, get reminders, and be found if lost or wandering. 

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