Hearing Tip: Trade Phone Time for Face Time

Many of my clients struggle to hear well on the phone - with or without their hearing aids. It's no surprise. Over 50% of communication is body language!

Watching a person's face while talking makes a big difference for anyone with a hearing loss. With free video messaging apps that use the internet, we now have something better than phone calls. We have face time with video calls!

Tell family and friends you're trading your phone calls for video calls. It's almost as good as talking in person and it's easy to do once you've tried it a few times.

You will need:

  • A basic tablet or computer

  • A free video messaging app like:

  • FaceTime (for iPad, iPhone, Macs)

  • Google Duo

  • Skype

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook Messenger

  • A family member or friend to help with set up and practice - both making and receiving video calls.

I recommend a tablet. It's portable, the screen size is big enough to share visual cues, and you can use it anywhere you have WiFi access to the internet.

Some of my clients get a tablet just for this. They tell me it's the best investment they've ever made! If the phone is no longer working for you, I hope you'll try face time!

Hear it all again! Starting here.


Lori Cunningham, MA, AUD (C), RAUD


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