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Burn-free Induction Stoves!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Create a Burn Free Kitchen with induction stoves. The stove's electromagnetic current makes the pan heat up which in turn heats food, but their ceramic surface does not generate heat. Safe, energy efficient and fast, you can find hotplates, cooktops or ranges to meet different needs and different budgets.

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What makes them so safe?

Can’t burn paper or melt plastic - burner never heats up.

Auto shut-off when the pot is removed.

Auto-shut off when an empty or dry pan is detected.

Auto-shut off when food is burning (most models).

What You Will Need to Make it Work

You will need pans with a flat, magnetic base such as iron, cast iron or steel.

If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan it’s the right kind of pan! My All-Clad pots and a cast iron pan that I've had forever work just fine. The only one that doesn't had warped - the base of the pan was no longer flat.

Look for this coil induction symbol if buying new pots and pans.


Canadian or U.S. dollars

  • Hot Plates $70-$100+

  • Cooktops $1,500-$2,500+

  • Range with Oven $1,500-$2500+


An increasing number of good brands and products are being introduced regularly in all price ranges. Do an online search for “Induction stoves” on Amazon and the Home Depot or popular appliance store in your region to get a sense of your current options. With so many new products, I recommend looking for ones with significant consumer feedback - those with a high volume of rankings and 4+ star rating.

If you're not sure induction stoves are right for you, try an single burner induction hot-plate before investing in larger, more expensive options.

What to Look For

  • A timer that triggers auto-shut off.

  • An auto-shut off feature that gets activate when the pan goes dry while cooking (this is usually a proxy for burning food).

What to Watch Out For

  • They heat fast! Induction stoves can heat pans 2 times as fast as gas.

  • Pre-set temperatures can be higher than expected. Watch out for pre-set settings like "simmer" or "medium-low", "medium-hi"or low-boil.

  • Minimum pan size required. If a pan is too small for the burner size, the stove assumes no pan is present and shuts off.

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[Click Here for Print Friendly Version Burn Free Induction Stoves]

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