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Check out key differences between Alexa and Google.

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

The top two contenders are Amazon's Echo with Alexa and the Google Home Mini. They have a few differences worth considering. Where you live also makes a difference so we created two comparison tables - one for Canada and one for the United States.

Click here to get your printable quick comparison chart.

Each reviews...

  • The Echo Dot & Google Home Mini: Amazon & Google's most affordable and most popular speakers.

  • The Echo Plus & Google Home: each with a SmartHome Hub controllers inside.

  • The HomePod: Apple's only speaker, a combination Speaker/SmartHome Hub controller.

The charts also tells you what you'll need to make your speaker work. For example, you will need a SmartPhone, Tablet, iPad, or iPhone with a compatible operating system to install the Alexa app or the Google home apps. Specifically...

  • Smartphone or tablet with no less than Android 5.0 or iOS9 for iPhones and iPads.

  • A SmartPhone or iPhone to make Alexa's voice calling features work (both in-app calling and calls to mobile or landline phones.)

NOTE: Alexa will run on lower operating systems but her voice features will NOT work on with with anything less than the Android 5.0 or iOS9 operating systems.

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