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Keep Warm with FIR (Far Infrared) Fabrics

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Far Infrared Nano Tech Fabrics

Fabric made with bio-ceramic nano particles helps keep you warm. The clothing absorbs your body heat and reflects it back as Far Infrared radiant heat.

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Research suggests Far Infrared (FIR) saunas may also help with sleep, arthritis and other conditions. Research also confirms fabric can be used as a delivery mechanism for FIR.

Under Armour offers one of the leading products lines which includes sleepwear, sheets and sports clothing such as:

  • Golf pants and Leggings,

  • hirts and fleece,

  • Vests and jackets,

  • Gloves and head gear.

We have yet to see how FIR from clothing compares to FIR from saunas. I believe it's possible FIR clothing can be helpful for more than just warmth. However, I would like to see more evidence before I can recommend it for other uses with confidence!

COST (Under Armour Product Line Example)


Athletic Wear $45-160 CDN

SleepWear $90-115 CDN

Sheets $310-380 CDN


Athletic Wear $35-150 US

Sleep Wear $80-100 US

Sheet Set $275-325 US


Go to Under Armour Canada or Under Armour U.S. and enter “ColdGear Infrared” or "Athletic Recovery" in the search bar.


Consider wearing leggings and the fitted shirts under loose clothing.

Google “infrared clothing” to discover more brands and products.

Learn more about the science of FIR in these studies


Fitted sportswear tends to fit small. If ordering online, check the company's sizing chart and consider one size up.


  • From Under Armour: Gloves, head gear, sheets

  • From UniQlo: a lower cost high tech alternative - the HEATTECH clothing line based on air-pocket technology. Click here for UniQlo Canada or here for UniQlo U.S.


I have yet to test it myself bit a few friends swear the athletic wear keeps them warmer. One is a slender young lady who struggles with the winter chill. The other is a runner who loves it for running on cold rainy days.

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