Q1. Do I Need a Hearing Test?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to our series ' Hear it all again!' with hearing expert Lori Cunningham, MA, Aud (C), RAUD.

Get straight answers to the four questions everyone asks when they're worried about their hearing.

Q1 Do I need to get a hearing test?

Q2 How do I find a good hearing professional? Q3 What are the different hearing aid styles and cost? What do they look like?

Q4 Are there other options besides hearing aids?

View this first post in our four part series for Answer #1.

Get To Know The Signs

Do you find yourself saying What? Pardon? Stop Mumbling! Slow Down!

Having arguments? Misunderstandings? Feeling embarrassed? Frustrated? Irritated?

Do people complain the TV is too loud? Are you becoming less social?

Do you have unusual memory loss? Are you missing sounds of life like children playing?

If any of this sounds familiar...

Take a 2 Minute Hearing Self-Test

Recommended by hearing health professionals throughout North America, this quiz takes just a few minutes and has three possible results:

  1. Hearing is fine. No further action required.

  2. Consider getting a baseline hearing test from a professional.

  3. Strongly recommend a hearing exam by a hearing professional.


Download the 2 minute Hearing Self Test.

HIAA Hearing Self Test
Download PDF • 146KB

If you do need a hearing exam by a professional you'll now need the answer to

Question 2: How do I find a good hearing professional?

  • What should I look for?

  • What should I ask?

  • How do I find one I can trust?

Your hearing professional will be your partner in making both financial and quality-of-life decisions now and in the future. These will be investment choices in your health, your relationships, and daily life! You'll want someone you're comfortable with for the years to come.

Find the answers to Question 2 in my next post on Finding a Trusted Hearing Professional.


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Printable. 2 Minute Hearing Self-Test. Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

HIAA Hearing Self Test
Download PDF • 146KB

Printable. Key Take-Aways for this Post - Do I Need A Hearing Test?

HIAA1 KTA Hearing Test with Test
Download PDF • 233KB

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Lori Cunningham, MA, AUD (C), RAUD


Audiologist Lori Cunningham, MA, AUD (C)