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SmartPhone & SmartWatch Med Reminders

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Key TakeAways

Would you like a better way to manage your med reminders? Do you have a SmartPhone? If yes, consider using the alarm feature on your SmartPhone or SmartWatch.

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Use simple voice commands to tell the digital assistant (usually Siri or Google) what to do. Just tap and talk. Tap the screen on your SmartPhone or SmartWatch and say:

  • Hey Google, set a reminder for every day at 8am. Name it ‘Take Meds’.

When the alarm goes off, tap to dismiss and go take your meds.

  • Tap snooze to be reminded in 10 minutes if you can’t take your meds right away,

What You Need to Make It Work

A SmartPhone with a digital assistant.

A lanyard to turn your SmartPhone into a wearable (if you don’t have pockets).

Optional: A SmartWatch if you don’t want to carry or wear a SmartPhone.

Cost: FREE!

You have no additional costs if you already have a SmartPhone or SmartWatch with digital assistants. The alarm feature is a standalone, built-in feature. You DO NOT need an app or a data plan to make alarms and timers work.

To turn your SmartPhone into a wearable, a good lanyard can be found for $10-15 on Amazon. Specialty lanyards cost more.

What to look for?

For SmartPhone lanyards: choose one designed for your SmartPhone model that has good online reviews (some hold the phone more securely than others).

For SmartWatches: ensure it has a microphone, speaker and the vibrate feature.


Use the ‘Set Alarm’ command for reminders. The alarm feature will persist like an alarm clock: sounds and vibration continue until you turn it off.

Check out the “Gear Beast” lanyard. It includes a pocket for items like ID, debit card or bus pass, has good reviews, and my friend swears by hers!

Consider a quality SmartWatch without the premium price such as: The Apple Watch Series 1 for iPhone users and the Asus ZenWatch 3 for Android phone owners.

What to Avoid

Avoid using the word ‘Reminder

Reminders are a specific feature with brief alert notifications. The alert sounds does does NOT persist! They are EASY TO MISS!

If using a SmartWatch, avoid using an app. It's easier to manage the alarms through voice commands to the digital assistant on your watch and SmartPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Alarms work on my SmartPhone if I'm not connected to the network?

Yes. Alarms work in standalone mode.

Will Alarms work on my SmartWatch if I'm not connected to my SmartPhone?

Yes. Alarms work in standalone mode on SmartWatches

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