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The Watch for Wandering Safely


Stay connected through the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and Cellular. It connects directly to the mobile phone network so you can leave your phone at home and still...

  • Call 911, family or friends for help

  • Receive calls on your watch, and

  • Let family and friends find you online.

The watch can also be set up to send family or friends an alert when you leave or arrive at pre-specified locations like a store, the library or a friend's home.


Costs include the purchase price of the Apple Watch and a cellular service plan for connecting your SmartWatch to the mobile services network. Typically, this is an 'add-on' plan to an existing mobile service plan for your iPhone, with the Watch using the same telephone number as your iPhone.

If you already have an iPhone 6 or higher and a monthly subscription plan with data, typical costs are:

  • $540cdn or $399us for the Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular (May purchase up--or finance through the mobile service provider).

  • $15-25 one time charge set-up fee from the service provider.

  • $10-15cdn or $10-15us per month add-on fee to mobile services plan.

Other potential costs

iPhone Service Plan Upgrade. Required if you do not already have a monthly service plan that includes data.

Personalizing your watch. There are many different watch bands and casings to choose from. Some of these choices can significantly increase the price of the AppleWatch.

Wireless Charge Stands. A wide range of stands exist for your watch or watch and iPhone. Prices can range from $25 to over $100.

What You Will Need To Make It Work

Most carriers require a cellular watch share your SmartPhone telephone number and the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. As such, you will usually need:

  • The Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS & Cellular,

  • An iPhone 6+ or higher (The AppleWatch does not work with other SmartPhones),

  • A voice, text and data services plan for your iPhone,

  • A cellular watch service plan added to your iPhone service plan,

  • Apple's free Find-My-Friends App and/or Find-My-iPhone apps.

  • Optional: Apples free Family Sharing app for managing the apps above


In the United States, some service providers like AT&T offer a standalone service plan with a unique telephone number for the watch. You do not need an iPhone with it's own cellular service plan if you have access to a standalone service plan like this.

Recommended Apple Apps

Find My Friends for location sharing and alerts. Ideal if you want to provide location change alerts and share your location with multiple friends or family members.

Find-My-iPhone (find-my-device) for location finding. Ideal for sharing location with just one person. It is the most simple to activate and manage with least impact on battery life. It includes some additional features like the ability to remotely turn the "find my location" feature back on if the phone is powered and connected to the network. Find-My-iPhone does not, however, provide location change alerts. For that, you need Find My Friends.

Family Sharing to integrate Find My Friends and Find-My-iPhone for support by one or many family members. Ideal if you want the unique Find-My-iPhone benefits without accessing the individual's private iCloud account (email, document storage etc). With Family Sharing, the cellular services for multiple family members are paid for under one group account run by the family "administrator". Individuals in the group can be approved to use and leverage the special capabilities of the Find-My-iPhone app without having access to their iCloud account content. This protects privacy.

Options to Consider

  • Wireless Charger (ideal on night stand for daily overnight charging)

  • Other uses such as med reminders, cooking timers, SOS calls if fall.

  • Waterproof bands to wear in the shower (most common place for falls).

Don't have an iPhone 6+ or higher but live in the U.S? Look for standalone cellular watch service plans like the one offered by AT&T for ~$50 per month. No iPhone nor smartphone service plan required.

Caution Track your watch battery status for the first few weeks to see how your usage patterns impact battery life. Make sure you have a charge that lasts until it's time for bed and overnight re-charging or for when you have a regular visitor who is with you while it's recharging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will location finding work if the watch battery has no charge?

No. When the battery is drained, the watch can no longer transmit a signal so it cannot be tracked.

Can I turn 'location sharing' off?

Yes. You can turn it off from your device or on-line through a tablet or computer.

Can I be found without getting the cellular service and without being connected through my iPhone?

Yes. Through the Find-My-iPhone app on iCloud and the GPS feature, one can track an Apple Watch Series 2 or it's replacement, the Apple Watch Series 3 while it is powered up and turned on.

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