Privacy Tips

Know who has access to your personal information. 

Personal Information (PI) refers to data that can be used to identify who you are.  Examples include name, email address, telephone number.  Follow these simple rules to protect your PI.

Rule #1: Only put identifiable information like your email address or last name, in form fields. Never put them in blog posts or discussion forums.

Never put information like your email or last name in open communication text box (e.g. a comment on a blog or group forum discussion).  Personal Information shared in this manner cannot be protected. 

​Only give your personal information in forms where there is a specific field with a label (e.g. "email", "name", "telephone").  Information provided in a form field can easily be categorized and tagged for protection.

Rule #2: Look for "Opt-In" privacy policies that state say your personally identifiable information will only be shared if you proactively agree (Opt-In) to have that information shared.

To "Opt-In" to share your personal information means you proactively acknowledge your information may be shared and you agree to let it be shared. This is the best protection.

You want the Privacy Policy to promise your information is only shared if you explicitly agree to share, explicitly agree to "opt-in".  Check privacy policies for their "right to modify" without sending you a notice.  Many policies reserve the right to change terms without proactively sending you a notice.  Rather, they put the onus on you to visit the privacy policy on the website from time to time.    Let's get real...How many people will go into all the privacy policies of every service they subscribe to on a monthly basis?  They known most of us never will!

The best protection is a privacy policy that promises your data will not be shared without your explicitly consent, regardless any changes to ownership or changes to the privacy policy posted on their website.

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